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Terms, Conditions & Cookies policy:

1. www.ubsoundshop.com (including all extensions available for different countries) and the UBSOUND brand are property of UBSOUND SRL, an Italian company regulated by Italian law with headquarters in Via Tucidide 56, Milan (Italy), VAT Registration Number IT07365850960 and registered with the Milan Trade Registry with registration number 1953631. All content including marks, brands, logos, text and pictures is protected by international Copyright laws on intellectual property; reproduction is not permitted, all rights reserved. UBSOUND is a registered trade mark. All technical and commercial information present on the website is to be considered indicative. UBSOUND has the right to change all information and content present on the website without prior notice. UBSOUND cannot be held responsible for any damages to people, animals or things caused by the use or misuse of its website. By visiting our website you declare you have read our Terms of use, Privacy Policy & Cookies page and agree to all content present therein. If you do not agree to our Terms of use, Privacy Policy or Cookie Policy please close our website immediately.

www.ubsoundshop.com will be referred to as “UBSOUND” within this contract.


2. This contract is considered accepted in every part when an order is placed or an account is created on the UBSOUND website according to the Italian law regarding e-commerce (online) transactions, no matter in which country you are buying or creating an account. The present contract can be modified at any time and without prior notice, the terms and conditions applicable to your order are those published at the date of your order. The customer can print these terms and conditions at any time.

3. The UBSOUND website is accessible only to anyone over the age of 18. This website is accessible both to registered users and to unregistered users (guests). This website is accessible to consumers only. Resellers, wholesalers and distributors are not allowed to buy on the UBSOUND website. Creating an account on the UBSOUND website is free of charge, the user will have to input his/her personal details in order to create an account. This personal data will be used by UBSOUND exclusively for the ordering/newsletter process, it will not be sold or given, never and in no case, to anyone. Your account details (login and password) are personal and cannot be given, sold or used by anyone other than the account holder, we are not responsible for any problems or legal matters which may arise from the misuse of your account details. UBSOUND reserves the right to cancel or reject any orders at its own judgment for any reason.

4. All prices on the UBSOUND website are VAT/TAX included. The WEEE contribution for electronic waste is also included. The prices will be available in 3 different currencies: EUR (Euro), USD (United States Dollar) and GBP (Great Britain Pounds). The prices for all currencies are equal and vary on the basis of the country you are purchasing from: EUR will be used for the Euro zone, GBP will be used for the UK and USD will be used for the U.S: and the rest of the world. These differences will be selected and displayed automatically by the software when you visit UBSOUND and during the order process. All invoices issued by UBSOUND will be in Euros (EUR) which means that if you made a purchase in GBP or USD, the amount will be converted automatically into Euros at PayPal’s exchange rate at the time of payment, which will be equal to the exact amount received by UBSOUND and on the invoice.

The prices of the products can change at any time and without prior notice, but, the price validated in your order confirmation email will remain the same as the price you see during the order process. You will be charged the exact amount present in your email confirmation.

The product availability may be limited, in this case they will not be available for purchase on the website.

In the case of a software error, for which you are able to purchase a product that is no longer available (for which you will receive a full refund for the amount paid), UBSOUND cannot, never and in no case, be held liable for any damages.


5. Any order on the UBSOUND website is to be considered valid only upon receipt of the order confirmation which will be sent via email to the address used during the order process. UBSOUND will process and ship the order only upon full payment received by credit card. The payment process is managed entirely by PayPal, you will receive a further payment receipt via email from them. UBSOUND can request additional information and/or proof of identification if it is necessary. UBSOUND is never informed of your credit card details, they are entirely managed by PayPal so UBSOUND cannot be held liable for any damages caused by the misuse of your credit card details. If the order is not accepted for any reason by UBSOUND, you will receive a full refund for the amount paid within 5 working days from when the order is rejected.


6. UBSOUND will ship the orders around the world respecting the timesheet displayed during the order process with a maximum of 30 working days for particular countries/areas or carrier delays.

The delivery is to be considered as standard, there will be no floor delivery, special delivery, installation or demo. UBSOUND is free to use whichever carrier it wants upon its own judgment, depending on the country where the order is to be delivered.

The shipment costs for each country are visible during the order process on the UBSOUND website.

UBSOUND cannot be held liable, never and in no case, for any damages which may arise from delivery delays.

The customer has the obligation to check the integrity of the package at the time of delivery, once signed for, UBSOUND cannot be held liable for any damages caused by the transportation of your order or any missing parts or products. In case the package is visibly damaged please open a claim with your local delivery carrier.

In the case the package is not accepted for any reason or the receiver is absent at the time of delivery, the product will be returned to UBSOUND. In this case UBSOUND will issue a refund to the customer, but, the cost of both shipments (to the customer and the return shipment to UBSOUND) will be deducted from the total amount of the refund.


7. The images and descriptions on the website are indicative and may differ slightly from the actual products, UBSOUND is not responsible for any possible slight differences and any damages they may cause. In any case, the name and code of the product bought will be loyal to the product shipped.


8. The default language of the UBSOUND website is English, most parts of the website will only be in English. The descriptions of the products are available in 5 different languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French and German.


9. Right of return: if the customer is not satisfied with the product, he/she has the right to return it within 10 days from the delivery. The shipment cost for the return has to be paid entirely by the customer which also has to choose his/her own carrier. Moreover the customer has to insure the return shipment as he/she is completely responsible for the delivery. Once UBSOUND has received the product it will be checked carefully, if the product is in its original state with the original packaging and not damaged in any way, a refund will be issued within 15 days (only the cost of the product) using the same payment method used by the customer, or, by other means upon UBSOUND’s discretion. The initial shipment costs from UBSOUND to the customer will not be refunded, this exact amount is indicated on you order confirmation email.


10. UBSOUND products are covered by a 2 year warranty starting from the date of purchase written on our receipt/invoice. We recommend you to store the original packaging which contains the product’s serial number. UBSOUND can not be held liable, never and in no case, for any damages to people, animals or things caused by the misuse of their products, accessories or any gadgets included in the packaging. Any warranty requests should be addressed to us directly by visiting www.ubsoundshop.com where you will find all our contact details or sending directly an e-mail to support@ubsound.com. Our warranty does not cover damages caused by the misuse of this product. Repairs must be performed exclusively by UBSOUND authorized personnel. Evaluation of the nature of any fault or defect remains exclusively UBSOUND’s decision, which will decide whether the problem or fault is in fact a technical problem or damage caused by the user which is not covered by warranty. If the defect or fault is covered by warranty, UBSOUND is free to decide either to repair or replace the product entirely. When a customer returns a product for warranty repair or replacement, he/she must send the product to the address specified in point 11 at his/her own cost and responsibility, we recommend an insured shipment to avoid any problems with damaged or lost goods.

If UBSOUND decides the product is not covered by warranty, the customer can decide either to collect the product or have it shipped back at his/her own cost or for us to dispose of the product.


11. Customer care service: for any communications and information regarding orders, please send an email to info@ubsoundshop.com and for any technical support matters please send an e-mail to support@ubsound.com. In case you need to send an important claim by a registered letter or a product’s return or warranty return, you can send it at the following address:

UBSOUND - Via Tucidide, 56 - 20134 Milan (Italy).

For urgent information (NOT FOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT), contact us at the number: +39 02 70126655 (this service is open from Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm CET, except vacation periods)


12. Privacy and Cookies: UBSOUND and www.ubsoundshop.com (including all extensions available for different countries) do not generate their own cookies whilst you visit our websites, but, visiting www.ubsoundshop.com with your browser settings adjusted to accept cookies tells us that you want to use our products and services and that you consent to the use of cookies and other technologies to provide them to you. UBSOUND uses Google Analytics for internal analysis and to track trending in the various markets. This data is analyzed by UBSOUND exclusively to choose where to invest in advertising and communication. This data is not stored, not recorded, given or sold to anyone by UBSOUND, which limits it’s activity to analyzing this data on the Google Analytics website. Google Analytics may use cookies to track data from our visitors. You can consult Google’s website at any time to find out about their policy on cookies (http://www.google.com/intl/en-GB/policies/privacy/). You may disable cookies from within the settings of your browser at any time. UBSOUND advertises its products through banners present on other websites. We would like to remind you to check the policy on cookies of those websites in case you are visiting www.ubsound.com after clicking on an advertising banner. UBSOUND cannot be held responsible for policy or law violations regarding privacy and the use of cookies on other websites as it does not have any control over their policies. We would like to remind you once more to obtain and read this information carefully directly from the website you are visiting. If you use any of the sharing tools present on our websites please note that the websites they refer to (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) may use cookies. Please consult these websites in order to obtain more information about their Privacy and Cookie policies: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/privacy

If you decide to subscribe to our website by inputting your email in the newsletter box present on our websiteor whilst buying a product on our website, we would like to inform you that your data will be stored by UBSOUND only, exclusively to keep you updated with around one email a month on UBSOUND events and promotions in your area and any new important activity regarding products and promotions that may interest you. All data requested during the order process or a standard subscription will be safely stored by UBSOUND and does not give nor sell the data to any other company. We remind you that you can request the cancellation of your data from our archive at any time (as a consequence you will no longer receive our newsletter) by writing an email to info@ubsound.com with the subject “unsubscribe”.


The customers who make purchases on our website www.ubsoundshop.com and the users that consult the website www.ubsoundshop.com bindingly accept all 12 points of this contract “Terms, Conditions & Cookies Policy” above. If you do not agree to our Terms of use, Privacy Policy or Cookie Policy please close our website immediately.